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Food and Beverage Carrying Cases

The product is made of glass.The height of one glass is 20 cm.The diameter of the top of the glass is 6.5 cm and the diameter of the base is 7 cm.The capacity is 250 ml.The weight of the set is 0.450 kg.The price on the website is for a set of 3 cups!One of the best and enjoyable ways to end your da..
22.00лв 27.00лв
Ex Tax:22.00лв
The cups are made of glass of suitable thickness, resistant to thermal shock.The set consists of 6 cups with a capacity of 140 ml.Their size is 6/6/10 cm.The net weight of the set is 1.250 kg...
7.50лв 10.00лв
Ex Tax:7.50лв
Kettle Glass Electric MUHLER WK-G2118 1.7L - Glass Cordless electric water kettle- Capacity 1.7l- Automatically turns off when the water boiling- Dry boil protection - LED indicator- Water level indicator- With standing base - 220-240V AC 50/60Hz - 1850-2200 WCategoryElectrical A..
Ex Tax:35.00лв
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